General Seller information:

  1. Event definition & Goods sold / restrictions
  2. Participation requirements
  3. Stand size regulation
  4. Set up rules
  5. Exhibitor stand responsibilities
  6. What to be careful about!
  7. SHADE!

1. Event definition & goods sold / restrictions

Dubai Flea Market is a second hand market where private individuals with non-commercial intention SELL & BUY everything used, from household items, home appliances, furniture, textile, ceramics, electrical equipment, toys, games, books, DVD’s, clothes, antiques, accessories etc. and handcraft.
At Dubai Flea Market you can sell second hand & handcraft items only!
FAKE /COMMERCIAL ITEMS: It is strictly prohibited to sell FAKE AND COMMERCIAL ITEMS. In case any of the vendors do so, the Organizer will close down the stand with a fine and further legal actions, no refund of the stand fees will apply.
ITEMS DISPLAY: It is strictly prohibited to place items directly on the ground in front of your table without displaying them inside proper hard covered plastic boxes, carton or any hard case. Selling out of plastic bags is strictly prohibited.
PILING up clothes on the table or in containers is strictly prohibited.

2. Participation requirements

To secure a table at Dubai Flea Market you have to register online and at the same time submit your payment via Credit/Debit card.

STALL REGISTRATION: Please visit our website, choose the Market you would like to participate and click on “Book a stall”. Please fill out the required fields and continue to checkout your basket. After submitting your paymetn you will receive a booking confirmation send via email with further details instructions.

STAND PAYMENT: Each vendor must have registered and paid upfront through our website to ensure a stand at Dubai Flea Market.

TRANSPORTATION: It is highly recommended to get your own trolley or to pack up your goods in luggage’s for easy transportation from the car parking area to your stand.
 We provide a paid troley service as well in most of our Markets.

SELLERS RULES: Please make sure you are not selling as a single individual, please make sure you are at least 2 sellers at a stand as it can get very busy so you should watch your items and try to control your sales. It is not recommended to sell alone. Get help from your friend, it makes it easier and more fun! Be careful about the thief’s! Watch your items all the time.

Do not leave any of your personal belongings on your table. Keep them directly with you in a bag which you always keep with you! Thieves are faster than you can watch out!

3. Stand, sizes and regulation

STAND PACKAGE: 290Dhs plus Vat
 One rectangular table
 A table cover
 Two chairs
 A gazebo in sunny areas only serving as a sunshade only.

STAND SPACE: Vendors can display items on the table and 0.50 m to the left and right side of the table and 1m to the front of the table in proper boxes.
 Please make sure your goods are not displayed directly on the ground, they have to be in boxes, luggage’s, containers, cartons or any hard cases.


CLOTHES RACKS: Only 2 clothes racks are allowed per table. One clothes rack on the left of the table and one on the right. The height of the cloth racks should be not more than 1,60meters to guarantee a smooth overview of the market.

FLOOR DISPAY REGULATION: Please make sure you don’t put your goods directly on the ground. Your goods have to be inside boxes, packages, luggage’s or any hard case, but not directly on the ground. Out of hygienic reasons, Dubai Health Authority warned us as the Organizer to not display any consumer goods on the ground to guarantee hygienic standards and to protect the Consumer.

FLEA MARKET GUARDS: The stand space is exact defined according to the above mentioned area and will be controlled by our new “Flea Market Guards”, they are in charge of controlling the stand regulations. If any vendor does not apply the new regulation, the Guards have the right to close down the stand and escort the vendor out, no refund of the stand fees. By accepting our Terms & Conditions, you automatically accept our standards and the rules and regulations.

4. Registration & set up

 Our registration desk are always located at the entrances of our venues.

 Park your car at the car parking of the venue.
 Come to the registration desk, mention your name you have used for the registration then we will provide you with a table receipt which allows you to enter the venue to choose your table during the set up timings. Stick the table receipt to the chosen table and start your set up.

5. Vendor stand responsibilities

SET UP TIMINGS: Please make sure you arrive during the set up timings to be ready with your set up once the Market open to the public.

SELLER TIMINGS:  Please make sure once the closing time is reached, please start packing up immediately.

STAND SET UP: Kindly arrange your stall at all times to keep up a good look and feel.
 Garbage or bags are not allowed to be on the floor or behing your stall:
 The venue is not a storage, kindly keep your emply boxes in your car after setting up your stall or use the table cover to hide underneath.
 If the visitors mess up your items, your responsibility is to arrange all items immediately.

TABLE RECEIPT: Please make sure when you leave that you take your table receipt with you so we know that you left and at the same time to prevent others from misusing your table because at the end you will be responsible in case there is any garbage laying around, damage or further issues.

CLEANING: Following rules and regulations, each vendor has to give the stand back to the Organizer as received, which means in clean and good condition without damage of the table or chairs or any waste spread around. The vendor has to put their own garbage/waste in bags, cartons or containers. In case the vendor leaves trash at the stand spread around on the ground and doesn’t follow the cleaning rules by spreading the garbage at UNION PROPERTIES ground, the Organizer stated to reveal the data of the person who was renting the stall.

6. What to be careful about!

We want to state out, that we had issues in the past of groups/gangs going around at the Flea Market performing professional stealing activities.
So we would like to WARN YOU to keep your eyes open and please don’t leave any of your personal belongings on your table, like MOBILE PHONE, BAG, WALLET, etc.

The thieves are very smart and skilled.

Please try to avoid being alone on your stand. The more “eyes the better” watching the thieves.
Participating at Dubai Flea Market is on your own risk. The event organizer Green Spot Entertainment will not be reliable for injuries or health issues, nor damage or lost items.


We as Dubai Flea Market organizer are very keen on providing as much shade as possible for all our vendors, but as the sun is moving, we cannot guarantee that each and every single stand/table is fully shaded during the entire event hours.

To make sure that you and your stand/table are protected from the sun during the entire event running time, we highly RECOMMNED YOU TO BRING YOUR OWN UMBRELLA WHICH YOU CAN ATTACH TO THE LEG OF THE TABLE WITH A TAPE OR IDEALLY WITH A CABLE STRAP!!!!


The understanding designated representative of the organization requesting a Stand agrees to all of the above terms and conditions and understands that The Flea Market Organizer “Green Spot Entertainment” is not be responsible for any loss, damage or event cancellation due to bad weather or any catastrophe.

For further questions or comments, please send us an email to