Al Nahda Pond Park - 08. December 2017

Event Single
Start date: 08/12/2017

Event Info:

  • 08 December, 2017
  • 13:00 - 18:00
  • Entrance Main Gate / No fee for visitors

Location Map

Al Nahda Pond Park - google earth location map - final for website.jpg

Entrance Fee

Entrance Main Gate / No fee for visitors

Event Information

Visit our new venue Al Nahda Pond Park, right on the boarder to Sharjah on the second Friday of each month starting from 10. February 2017 onwards.
This beautiful Park represents a perfect location for our monthly gathering to attract not only second hand enthusiasts from Dubai but also from Sharjah to enjoy an even more exciting outdoor bargain hunt in the heart of Al Nahda! We are looking forward for our first every Flea Market on Friday the 10. February, expecting around 60 second hand sellers and up to 600 visitors. So spread the word and pass by to catch the best bargains in town.
Opening hours: 1pm-6pm

Location Information

Al Nahda Pond Park is located on the boarder to Sharjah. To reach the Park, you will find our location map on the website or enter Al Nahda Pond Park on google maps and you will easily find it! Very easy access to the Flea Market venue in the heart of Al Nahda.
Opening hours: 1pm-6pm

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